Hi, my name is Lucas Solmes

I am a dedicated life time learner.

I want to be apart of the next big idea, I like helping companies grow and succeed in any way I can.

Here's my story...

I have always had a passion for building things. From lego to startups the idea of growth excites me. I have a passion for leading tech trends. I love helping others discover the advantageous results of staying current and updated with tomorrow's solutions for yesterday's problems. Working closely with budding startups, and completing multiple technical, and marketing internships, I have been able to thrive past my assigned KPI's. It is from this experience I have been able to learn, and perfect the tools needed to get your business in the position it should be.

Check out some of my projects and passions

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Sitka Strategies

Online Presence Preservers - Marketing Strategy
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The Young Biz Kid

Business is cool. Business is badass.
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Bananifi Networking Inc.

A platform for renting from your peers.


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